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Discover the concept behind the Highlander Hotel. You'll be inspired!

Be colourful

Our vision is for all of our guests to be able to express themselves, experiment and add colour to their stay in Amsterdam. Interior designer Will Erens from Too Many Agencies helped us to translate our ideas and feelings into reality with his bold interior design.

The colourful theme is not just an expression of Amsterdam’s diversity; it also reflects the moods in our hotel. We want our guests to feel welcome to be who they want to be. Submerge yourself in all the vibes, smells, tastes and colours of this vibrant city, and come “home” to a safe haven that inspires you even more.

Hip hotel in Amsterdam
Trendy hotel in Amsterdam

For the love of hotels

We’re an entrepreneurial family, born and raised in Amsterdam. The second generation of our family – Jeffrey, Maxine and Steffan – developed a passion for hospitality early on in life. They shared a dream: designing a unique hotel that would be memorable to its guests. It would have to offer guests the opportunity to create amazing memories in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Add in a passion for great service, lots of experience and research into what it takes to build a superb hotel… The plan was born and in 2018, the owners set to work turning their dream into reality.

a multi-

As a multicultural city, Amsterdam offers people from all over the world a place to be yourself, to express who you are, to experiment and to live life the way you want to. Amsterdam is lively, creative, slightly crazy and vibrant. It’s exactly that colourfulness that inspired us to create the Highlander.

The Highlander

The name of our hotel is the English translation of our surname Hoogland. It’s also a reference to the Scottish highlands, something you can subtly see in the hotel. Each floor features a different colour and tartan pattern and each room is colour coded. From the tiles to the artwork, every detail has been specifically chosen for every room, ensuring no two rooms are alike!

At the Highlander, we work with highly trained professionals who aim to delight and inspire our guests. They are stylish and creative, just like the hotel. Here, we inspire everyone to be colourful!

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