Stylish, creative & one of a kind

Our rooms have been designed by an award-winning designer. From the tiles to the artwork, every detail has been specifically chosen for every room! Our beds are also divine! Luxurious and king-size, you’re sure to get a good nights’ sleep. Then, start your day with a shower that is big enough for a jig in your bare bahoochie.

Rain shower


Coffee & Tea


Flat screen TV


Free Wi-Fi


King size bed


Air conditioning

Scottish Cottage

The Scottish Cottage is 14m2 of cosy snugness. With its stylish design and cosy feel, you won’t mind returning to your room at the end of the day. Staying in is just as nice as going out!

  •  14m²
  •  Jensen King size bed - Continental Line
  •  Rain shower
  •  Air conditioning

Kilt Townhouse

The Kilt Townhouse spans over 18m2 and packs more colour than you can even imagine. Relax in the spacious sitting area or wash away your sins in the luxurious rain shower – the Kilt Townhouse is the perfect home base for exploring the magical city of Amsterdam!

  •  18m²
  •  Courtyard / Street view
  •  Rain shower
  •  Air conditioning

Highland Mansion

Spoil yourself with a stay in the Highland Mansion. The luxurious design and ample space (the rooms are up to 25m²) will have you feeling like the king or queen that you are! The Highland Mansion is fit for royalty, after all.

  •  23 - 25m²
  •  Street view
  •  Rain shower
  •  Air conditioning

Malcolm 3

The Malcolm 3 is literally one-of-a-kind: we only have one of these rooms in the hotel. It’s also the only room that sleeps three kings and/or queens. Its high ceiling, edgy outspoken design and warmth will wrap you up so tight, you’ll never want to leave again.

  •  25m²
  •  Jensen King size bed
  •  Rain shower
  •  Air conditioning